adamcpowell.tif (286559 bytes) bigmancmpus.tif (330087 bytes) bondwoman.tif (383401 bytes) bonos.tif (392149 bytes)
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. $22.95

by, Charles V. Hamilton

Big Man On Campus $19.95

by, Leonard Shapiro

The Bondwomans Narrative $24.95

by Henry L. Gates

Bo Knows Bo $18.95

by, Bo. Jackson / Dick Schaap

chimes.tif (331763 bytes) darryl.tif (326799 bytes) dorothydand.tif (256025 bytes) ezbrdn.tif (289603 bytes)
The Several Lives of Chester Himes $28.00

by, Edward Margolies  Michel fabre

Darryl $20.00

by, Darryl Strawberry   Art Rust Jr.

Dorothy Dandridge $17.00

by, Donald Bogle

Andrew Young

an Easy Burden $27.50

by Andrew Young

gaynor.tif (342869 bytes) giftedhnds.tif (367729 bytes) hellfighters.tif (359597 bytes) huhesII.tif (380233 bytes)
I Will Survive $23.95

by, Gloria Gaynor

Gifted Hands


by, Ben Carson M.D.  Cecil Murphey

Harlem's Hell Fighters $29.95

by, Stephen L. Harris

The Life & Tmes of Langston Huhges 1902 - 1941 Vol II $21.50

by,  Arnold Rampersad


hurricane.tif (347121 bytes) jlouis.tif (355100 bytes) langsonthughes.tif (345284 bytes) lostprophet.tif (314079 bytes)
Lazarus and The Hurricane $14.95

by, Sam Chaiton Terry Swinton

Champion Joe Louis $18.95

by, Chris Mead

The Life & Tmes of Langston Huhges 1902 - 1941 Vol I $21.50

by,  Arnold Rampersad

Lost Prophet $35.00

by, John D'Emilio

manderson.tif (326478 bytes) miles.tif (279030 bytes) mingus.tif (393342 bytes) quncyjones.tif (373201 bytes)
Marian Anderson $30.00

by, Allan Keiler

Miles $15.00

by, Miles Davis Quincy Troupe

Myself When I am Real $20.00

Life & Music of Charles Mingus

by, Gene Santoro

The Autobiography of Quincy Jones $26.00

by, Quincy Jones

mercymercyme.tif (355100 bytes) rbrown.tif (368113 bytes) rdyfrrvltn.tif (429446 bytes) rere.tif (478981 bytes)
Mercy, Mercy Me $23.95

by, Eric Dyson

The Life and Times of Ron Brown $26.00

by, Tracey L.  Brown

Ready For Revolution $35.00

by, Stokely Carmichael

Aretha $25.00 From the Roots

by, Aretha Franklin David Ritz

satchmo.tif (343921 bytes) sidney.tif (272380 bytes) teddy.tif (379757 bytes) thurgood.tif (369385 bytes)
Louis Armstrong $13.95

by, James Lincoln Collier

Sidney Poitier $26.00

by, Sidney Poitier

Truly Blessed $23.94

by, Patricia Romanowski

Thurgood Marshall $27.50

by, Jaun Williams

asatta.tif (275344 bytes)     malcolmx.tif (309711 bytes)
Assata $22.95

by, Assata Shakur

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X $7.99

by, Alex Haley

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