Linette Jenkins- "When I read Blind Betrayal I did not want to put the book down because it was so interesting and I was to the point that I was rushing to get to the next page. It is a must read book! Now I am waiting for Blind Betrayal 2!" Curtisa Lane- "For her first novel, Indian Spice has put together a page turner. I couldn't wait to see what happened next!" Antionette DeShields- "This book is phenomenal! The readers will love it! I find this book to be a 'mouth dropper' and I am looking forward to the upcoming books from Indian Spice." Blind Betrayal is a gripping story based in Camden, New Jersey, about a circle of friends who are put to the test on many levels. The friends are Neena, Dee Dee, Mercedes, Chance, Damian, and Devon. They have a choice in this life; who will choose to betray, and who will choose to remain loyal? Their lives are surrounded by drugs, sex, money, and lies-not a good combination! Many lies will surface, as will betrayal. Neena must be patient to find out what she really wants to know. The rest of the crew will sink or swim! Who will remain friends when a chain of events take place in this small town?

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