aforafrica.tif (762035 bytes) africaisnot.tif (600622 bytes) ashantizulu.tif (551226 bytes) christ.tif (399881 bytes)
A Is For Africa $5.99

by,   Ifeoma Onyefulu

Africa is not a Country but a Continent $10.99

by,  Dr.  Arthur Lewison

Ashanti to Zulu $6.99

by,   Margaret Musgrove

Birth of Christ $5.95

by, Yvette Moore

jambo.tif (612001 bytes) mariananderson.tif (594329 bytes) mosquitos.tif (472055 bytes) ella.tif (550781 bytes)
Jambo Means Hello $6.99

by, Muriel Feelings

When Marian Sang $16.95

by, Pam Munoz Ryan

Why Mosquitos Buzz in Peoples Ears $6.99

by,  Verna Aardema

Ella Fitzgerald $16.99

by, Andrea Davis & Brian Pinkney

rabbitshouse.tif (502325 bytes) quinnie.tif (857282 bytes) raptaptap.tif (511135 bytes) pedro.tif (434903 bytes)
Who's in Rabbits House? $6.99

by, Verna Aardema

Quinnie Blue $16.95

by, Dinah Johnson

Rap A Tap Tap $15.95

by, Leo & Diane Dillion

Pedro n the Monkey $16.00

by, Robrt D. San Sonci

virgie.tif (541339 bytes) mufaros.tif (582634 bytes) visitunglangston.tif (605453 bytes) tarbeach.tif (468109 bytes)
Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys $16.00

by, Ella Fitzgerald Howard

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters $14.95

by, John Steptoe

Visiting Langston $15.95

by, Willie Perdomo

Tar Beach $6.99

by, Faith Ringgold

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