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Refuting the myths that black youth are unable to excel at academics and are limited to careers in professional sports, rap music, or drug dealing, this motivational book aims to engage teens by bridging the gap between school and hip hop culture. Topics such as the ability for many youths to memorize rap lyrics verbatim and how those skills can translate into academia, are discussed along with more general issues, including peer pressure, media, sexuality, career development, and gang activity. Written in an adolescent-friendly style, this much-needed book for educators seeks a different way of approaching students.


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Advice for parents, educators, community, and church members is provided in this guide for ensuring that African American boys grow up to be strong, committed, and responsible African American men. This book answers such questions as Why are there more black boys in remedial and special education classes than girls? Why are more girls on the honor roll? When do African American boys see a positive black male role model? Is the future of black boys in the hands of their mothers and white female teachers?  and When does a boy become a man? The significance of rite of passage activities, including mentoring, male bonding, and spirituality, are all described.


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Geared towards African American parents, this handbook offers more than 100 tips on successfully guiding boys into manhood and helping them avoid common pitfalls. By understanding the detrimental impact that peer pressure, rap music, and television have on today’s youth, especially males, parents can learn how to effectively support their children.


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This unique look at health care interprets scriptures of the Bible and adapts and applies the wisdom found there to modern ways of life. These scriptures teach that the prevention of diseases is not in the hands of doctors, but rather in what individuals eat and how they live. Health-minded Americans will learn how to avoid the disease-causing preservatives, growth hormones, and pesticides of the meat and dairy industries that pollute the once-fresh foods that the public consumes. Also included is an in-depth discussion of Satan's influence on the advertising industry and how it is linked to drug, cigarette, and alcohol addictions among the American people.


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This book ask and answers the questions What are Values? Where do we learn them? How do our values affect our decisions regarding abortion or adoption, marriage or "shacking", gun control and other controversial issues?


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This book discusses what's the relationship between selfesteem and student achievement? Find the answers to this and other questions in this boo


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This compelling look at the relationship between the majority of African American students and their teachers provides answers and solutions to the hard-hitting questions facing education in today's black and mixed-race communities. Are teachers prepared by their college education departments to teach African American children? Are schools designed for middle-class children and, if so, what are the implications for the 50 percent of African Americans who live below the poverty line? Is the major issue between teachers and students class or racial difference? Why do some of the lowest test scores come from classrooms where black educators are teaching black students? How can parents negotiate with schools to prevent having their children placed in special education programs? Also included are teaching techniques and a list of exemplary schools that are successfully educating African Americans.


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This book tackles the questions of how can a single, low income parent produce a high achieving student? If the tests are culturally biased, how do Asian Americans outperform everyone else?


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Difficulty in finding a compatible mate is a problem typically voiced by women. However, many men face this same challenge and have similar complaints about the opposite sex. This book shares the thoughts and concerns of black men who are looking for good black women to share their lives with. Although Good Brothers Looking for Good Sisters is written in fictional prose, the story line has a factual base and is applicable to the day-to-day lives of black men.


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Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu states that many African American students have not fully accepted the responsibility of being a college student. This book is a blueprint in choosing the most appropriate college, making the right decisions while there, and ultimately marketing oneself after graduation.


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Asks the questions why is the church 75 percent female? What are 21 reasons why "he" is not there? How can we bring the Black man back to God?