baldwinred.tif (341603 bytes) beloved.tif (303487 bytes) blkboy.tif (354121 bytes) blkpwr.tif (291115 bytes)
Giovanni's Room $12.95

by, James Baldwin

Beloved $12.95

by, Toni Morrison

Black Boy $10.00

by, Richard Wright

Black Power $12.00

by, Richard Wright

bluesteye.tif (354121 bytes) fighting4us.tif (396954 bytes) goingtotheterr.tif (355817 bytes) harrismen.tif (336671 bytes)
The Bluest Eye $12.95

by, Toni Morrison

Fighting For US $26.95

by, Scot Brown

Going to the Territory $14.00

by, Ralph Ellison

The Harris Men $12.95

by, R. M. Johnson

invisibleman.tif (326057 bytes) jamesbald.tif (322845 bytes) kaffirboy.tif (322035 bytes) losingrace.tif (294982 bytes)
The Invisible Man $12.95

by, Ralph Ellison

If Beale Street Could Talk $11.95

by, James Baldwin

Kagffir Boy $14.00

by, Mark Matha Bane

Losing The Race $13.00

by, John McWhorter

loveblkwmn.tif (363287 bytes) npoleleg.tif (433470 bytes) outsider.tif (330969 bytes) paradise.tif (421217 bytes)
Why I Love Black Women $22.95

by, Michael Eric Dyson

North Pole Legacy $14.95

by, S. Allen Counter

The Outsider $9.00

by, Richard Wright

Paradise $13.95

by, Toni Morrison

praisechild.tif (335429 bytes) raisinsun.tif (344939 bytes) shadowact.tif (270163 bytes) storm.tif (271881 bytes)
The Price Of a Child $14.00

by, Lorene Cary

A Raisin In The Sun $13.00

by, Lorraine Hansberry

Shadow Act $14.00

by, Ralph Ellison

Like A Mighty Stream $12.95

by, Patrick Henry Bass

sula.tif (350777 bytes) wakeofthewind.tif (325091 bytes) watchunggod.tif (439485 bytes) woundspassion.tif (314477 bytes)
Sula $13.00

by, Toni Morrison

The Wake of the Wind $13.95

by, J. California Cooper

Their Eyes Were Watching God $13.95

by, Zora Neal Hurston

Wounds Of Passion $20.00

by, Bell Hooks

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