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In this book, Akbar asserts that we are more than the sum total of our actions and more than the makeup of our physical selves.


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Papers In African Psychology

“African Psychology is not a thing, but a place—a view, a perspective, a way of  observing.” African Psychology does not claim to be an exclusive body of knowledge, though a body of knowledge has and will\ continue to be generated from the place. It is a perspective that is lodged in the historical primacy of the human view from the land that is known as Africa. It is not limited to a geographical place, neither a particular ethnicity nor an identifiable ideology. It is the view that led to the way dawning of   human  consciousness and it is the substratum of all that is  uniquely human on this planet.


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Visions for Black Men

Visions for Black Men raises issues which are not only important to black men but to all of us. How do we restore African manhood to those whom our society has not viewed as the chosen people?  Discover the startling prediction of the mystical tradition of Ancient Africa—that the descendents of a once-great nation will rise again.


TheCommunityofSelfNaIm7226_f.gif (168296 bytes) This revised and expanded version of  The Community of Self  is one of Akbar's six books which address the issue of a holistic human psychology and an increased understanding of the unique psychological funtioning of African-American in particular. The Community of Self  has been adapted as stage play, used as a guide for education of African-American children.. applied in workshops for social services and mental health providers, and used as a personal development and self-help book by thousands of people worldwide.


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Are African-Americans still slaves? Why can't Black folks get together? What is the psychological consequence for Blacks and Whites of picturing God as a Caucasian? Learn to break the chains of your mental slavery with this new book by one of the world's outstanding experts on the African-American mind.